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First of all.. The Modal Verb Shall (Usages, Sentence Structures and Examples)
1-When can you use it?

It used to offer polite suggestion or offer assistance

* It is used with the pronouns I or we only.

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2- What is Sentence Structure?
Shall + subject + base form of the verb.
When you are sure of an exact answer.

3- For Examples:
Shall I go to the cinema?

Now, let’s Talk about the Modal Verb Should (Usages, Sentence Structures and Examples)
1- When can you use it?
It used to polite suggestion or offer assistance.
When you are not sure of an exact answer.

She ________ put her leg on the table. It’s not polite.

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________ I get your coat? It’s freezing out there.

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Should I ______ the doctor?

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Shall I ____ for a walk?

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He _______ encourage such a good behavior.

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You _____ get your teeth cleaned.

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Modal Verbs Shall & Should Quiz - Learn English online
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